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April Strickland

Well, as I often say in the podcast, I am a polyamorous kinky dead people seeing energy feeling boss babe. I live my life pretty openly and proudly. I have been into the BDSM lifestyle for 5-7 years now fairly heavily and I have been Polyamorous since 2017 and I am currently in a partnership with "J" as you will often hear that name on our podcast. My intuitive abilities have been present my entire life and are a mixture of many things but I most strongly identify as a Hyper Empathic Medium, the dead people seeing kind not the size (I wish). 

I'm excited to share my stories, experience, blunders and wins with everyone. Hopefully you will get some laughs, learn a few things and maybe even expand your horizons along the way. 

You can connect with me on Fetlife or tik tok or you can always join as a patreon to get more behind the scenes ;)


CJ Marrero

Roll call! The empathic solo poly soft girl of the duo is present! Cancer sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo rising. Kinkster in training. I put the Geek in Freaks, Kinks, & Geeks! I geek out on astrology, anime, art, movies, music (ask me about my sad playlists), drag queens, and tiny cooking videos.

Polyamory for me is a spiritual practice--It heavily overlaps with areas of growth I’ve always been drawn to, such as unpacking and understanding yourself, focusing on the importance of communication, authenticity, vulnerability, and existing with intention. Which also has a lot of crossover with BDSM culture and why I love learning about kink! Experience wise, my poly journey started in 2018 and my kink journey in 2019/2020.


I’m also an artist and a self proclaimed content anarchist (algorithms hate me and that's how I like it)! You can see my art and funny girl antics on my Instagram and TikTok, both @cjsomeday!

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